information for prospective graduate students

There are many opportunities for graduate research in spinlab. I do not currently offer research assistantships, however, to any incoming students even if your record is strong and our research interests are well matched. This is because I have found it almost impossible to determine whether offering support is a good idea before getting to know someone. If you come here and are interested in working with me, please contact me when you arrive. I will request that you enroll in a sequence of classes during your first year that will prepare you for research in spinlab and allow me to evaluate your abilities.

Please also see the spinlab information session slides that I presented on 01-Sep-2011.

undergraduate research projects

Project 1: Development and testing of an acoustic timeslotted round-trip carrier synchronization system. The students selected for this project will work with the graduate students in spinlab to develop the hardware and software on the TMS320C6713 DSK platform needed for realization of an acoustic proof-of-concept round-trip carrier synchronization system. This work will leverage the prior work by spinlab undergraduate and graduate students and is expected to lead to one or more publications in signal processing and/or communications.

Project 2: Development and testing of a battery-free wireless tire pressure monitoring system and smartphone app. The students selected for this project will develop a TPMS that scavenges energy from the inherent rotation of an automobile tire and wireless communicates tire pressure (and possibly temperature) measurements with a smartphone app.

Project 3: Bicycle-based low-power lighting demonstration system. The students selected for this project will create a physical demonstration of the reduced energy requirements of modern lighting by developing a bicycle-based generator system and a switching apparatus to load the generator with incandescent, CFL, and LED lights. The system must be portable, durable, and safe. The students will be expected to demonstrate the system at local grade schools, encouraging children to ride the bicycle and directly experience the power required to light different bulb technologies. Students will also be expected to develop handout materials and a website.

other opportunities

None right now. Please check back later.