DMIMO Summit August 18, 2014

The 2014 Distributed Multi-Input Multi-Output (DMIMO) Summit was held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on August 18, 2014 with attendees from several academic institutions and industrial partners. The summit focused on the development and analysis of scalable distributed MIMO techniques. A list of talks and presentation slides is provided below.

Presenter Institution Presentation Title and Slides
D. Richard Brown III WPI DMIMO introduction, summit goals. PDF
Raghu Mudumbai UIowa Program summary, DMIMO USRP testbed results. PDF
Soura Dasgupta UIowa DMIMO nullforming. PDF
D. Richard Brown III WPI DMIMO receive beamforming with quantized observations PDF
Upamanu Madhow UCSB Phase unwrapping and tracking, scalable receive beamforming, and distributed degrees of freedom for DMIMO. PDF
Pat Bidigare BBN Reciprocity-based DMISO in multipath environments. PDF
Adam Margetts MITLL Application of DMIMO in Squad-to-Base Communications.
Mai Vu Tufts Uplink User-Assisted Distributed Relaying in Cellular Networks. PDF
L. Vertatschitsch Harvard Observatory Instrumentation and Digital Signal Processing Topics From Passive Radar and Radio Astronomy. PDF and PPT